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Originally Posted by MikeMike View Post
Xalapa bypass opened last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of riding it yesterday from north to south.
From Perote to my garage in 1 hour and 15 mins flat with Sunday traffic through Cardel, the cuotas, and Veracruz/Boca Del Rio. Cuts the time from what was up to 2 and a half hours on a Sunday. Take your cameras, it parallels the canyon most of the way and the panoramic views are simply incredible.

Bob Loblaw, we need to talk, I found something yesterday you are going to really enjoy, you'll see it and believe it when you swing through! Yes, it is that good. I am still buzzing from it 18 hours later! No pics on this one, no paperazzi, invitation only. I know Julio is going to enjoy this one too, fresh trout along the way.

Rocky Mountain Oyster, since you might be coming through first, PM me and we'll see if we can meet up so I can use you as a guinea pig...sorry...neutral third party test rider. Unless Craneguy and/or the Mystery Rider beats you to it. Schizz, if you are heading south, let me know.
That's quite the teaser, Mike. Looks like we're gonna split the difference between DGO and VER this time. Keep it on ice for me, eh?
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