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Crash Summary

Oops forgot to spell check that last post and noticed a few mistakes. I will improve in the future

So How does a guy fell after over 15,000 miles in the past year, most of it in Mexico, and then stacking up his first full day in Mexico?!?! He feels wet to start and frustreated with himself. Then he looks at the bike and wonders two things:
1) With the position of the bike and this ditch can I get it out of here on my own?
2) Are my fronts forks bent and will that end my trip?

Well question one was answered when about the 5th vehicle stopped and two hombres about my age jumped out. I said I was bueno and then motinoned can we move the bike across the road to the flat spot? I wanted to know what I was dealing with. One guy was already putting on his work gloves. We got the bike across the road and on its center stand. I doubt I could have gotten it across the ditch on my own with the wet slippery conditions.

Once we got the bike across the road, one dude started to walk back to the truck. Fair enough job done. But he wasn't leaving he was grabbing tools. Mind you know it is pouring now! They both start fixing stuff!!! Seriously? Bent shifter - fixed, tweaked fog light - fixed, smashed fender - fixed as could be, box frame - straightened and fixed to get me on the road. Then they started picking dirt and mud off the bike. I was all much gracias and es bueno. Thanks guys to who ever you are I wished I had gotten your picture. 3:30ish and off to Cabon to find a hotel. I am tired I had a big day! No wobble, I am guessing the bike is still striaght!! Wooo Hoooo trip on, just at a little slower pace.

I never once thought that I was going to get hurt during my spill. I am glad that I spent money on good gear. I think the boots really saved my left foot from a nagging injury. I am also pleased that I rode the bike to the end and didn't try to stick a leg out from dirt bike days. I am lastly pleased that my bike is tough and is made to take a few spills.

I will be getting off the road on rainy days and slowing down in general. I think the cause of the accident was equal parts weather/road conditions combined with a little too much speed and not being completely focused at that minute. I make no excuses bikes rarely if ever go down on their own, they are typically driven there by operator error.

On a side note I almost slipped and fell twice that night walking around Coban to get food. Hmmm very slippery area. Then at the Guat City BMW shop I was telling the guy about my wreck. He chimed right in with how slippery the roads get up there and someting about the material they used to build them!! He Guat City born and raised...official verified local reason / excuseIII

Good to know I am still an awesome rider and did nothing wrong!!!!

Jose at BMW of Guat City kicks ass for other reasons. More on that in a couple of posts!
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