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Wicked Baja Designs kit install part 1

Time to put the Baja Designs kit on. As I mentioned above I chose the B.D. kit as I used one in the past on an older WR and found them to be of good quality and fairly complete. I chose their “no headlight” kit meaning I was going to use the stock headlight. I also ordered their folding mirrors and billet mounts that mount to the backside of the lever perches to free up bar space as I knew it would get crowded with extra switchgear and barkbuster mounts. I would have preferred to keep my stock taillight but their piece looks good and has a built in license plate light, so I rolled with it. I also upgraded to the LED turn signals which are much nicer pieces in my opinion. You will notice in the pictures of the kit that the stock signals (bulb style) are shown. That’s because they forgot to send me the LED ones . A quick phone call straightened it out and I had them a few days later.

The kit consists of three sub-harnesses (front, mid, and rear), hardware, taillight/plate holder, switchgear, ignition switch with 2 keys, and brake pressure switch (rear only). The ignition switch with keys is another reason I chose this kit. Otherwise, you could just turn on the main power, hit the starter, and go. I prefer my bike to still be there when I come back to it! I am not going to go through each step in detail as the instructions are pretty thorough. I will try to point out a few things that you may find helpful.
First, I fitted up the taillight/plate holder. FYI, for some reason these allen head bolts were standard instead of metric. But, they are stainless and look good. Before I drilled the holes I used a spring punch so the bit wouldn’t “walk” when I started drilling. The drill bit was ¼”.

This is the rear fender off the bike from the underside. At this point I was test fitting everything.

The keen eyed amongst you will notice that suddenly everything looks dusty in the next photos. That’s because the turn signal installation is the last thing I did as I was waiting for Baja Designs to ship me the correct signals (and I went riding with some other inmates in the interim). The directions say to do the signals at the same time you do the tail light which is what I would suggest. Otherwise, you have to keep taking the tail apart.
Here is the signal mounting hole. I used the backing nut as a template and used a 9/32 drill bit to make the hole. Each hole was 6.5cm from the top of the ridge in the signal mounting area. I used the bolts I had put through the fender as a site line to keep everything on the same plane. Make sure you keep your drill level when you drill the signal mounting holes otherwise they might droop or have an odd angle when you mount them.

Here is just the inner fender (top view) with the wires run. You won’t see this when it is bolted back on to the fender. I also drilled two 3/32 holes on each side so I could ziptie the wires in place. I pushed the ziptie through from the bottom, looped over the wires, and then pushed the ziptie back through the same hole. The head of the ziptie is on the bottom side and is too large to go through the hole.

Here is the bottom side. You can make out the ziptie “heads” where I secured the wires.

While you have the fender off drill two holes to pass the turn signal wires from the rear harness through. I used the plastic molding process marks as a reference. A little hard to see in this picture.

I got some neoprene grommets from Lowes to go in the holes in the hopes of preventing chaffing.
Looking up from underneath:

Top view:

Here is the rear end all buttoned up with the LED signals.

I’ll keep posting as time allows. Thanks for looking!
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