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The Twins

After Hyder, it was time to keep pounding out the klicks south. I rolled hard and just kept going anxious to get to the next riding destination. There was a sweet little short-cut up and over a little 2-lane dirt road. And in that case, I was almost glad I wasn’t on the bike because it was sloppy on top. The mud was so thick I had to pop it into four-wheel-drive.

I kept an eye peeled for any good looking side roads as I pounded south, and finally pulled into Whistler at about 8 at night. It had been a while and I felt like partying it up, so, I asked a few locals where the hot spot was. They said it was 80’s night a one of the bars and that was the place to be. I circled around, parked it up in the overnight lot for the ski area, made a little food, and set out to for the bars.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures but it was a riot. All the people seemed to be international, German, Swiss, Brazilian, Argentinean, all working at the resort. The dancing was awesome. I talked to a few Canadians, but not many. Resort towns are always fun to party in, but it didn’t smell like I thought it would that close to Vancouver and all. I shut down the bar and went to bed.

The next morning, the only question was where. There was an ATV rental outfit off a dirt side-road that looked like a promising place to start. It was a good bet and turned out well. There was bunch of steep and rocky two-tracks that wound around the hills. None going anywhere, some blocked off by the loggers, a perfect place to dick around on the bike for a while.


And the scenery wasn’t half bad either.


Not half bad at all.


It was too bad the twin peaks never came out from the clouds.

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