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Originally Posted by bobnoxious67 View Post
If course I know that KLR's don't make much power.

You must not realize that knowing Kawi can't manage decent power out of 650cc's/liquid cooled/twin cam...but thinking somehow they'll give you a 450 that makes more HP and gets nearly 60MPG is a fantasy

I have a 50hp 450. I get it...but thinking that this is some magic engine size that will magically do everything is ridiculous
Your hatred for Kawasaki is clearly blinding you. It's not that they "can't" make a powerful 650 dual sport. It's that they already make the best selling 650 dual sport on the market (In fact I believe the KLR is kawasakis third or fourth best selling bike in their line up) so they have no reason to modernize it.

I've had bikes (as in more than one) from each of the Japanese manufacturers & they all have their ups & downs but, NONE of them have been a lemon or had me regretting I bought it.

I never said I thought the 450 was an "engine that will magically do everything", in fact a modern 450 dual sport was clearly my second choice. My dream bike was clearly stated as a dual sport based on the 700 Raptor engine with a six speed tranny & modern suspension. However, a modern 450 D.S. bike (from Honda or anyone else) would be a nice option to have on the market. Considering that the 650 Terra is getting right around 60 mpg, I don't think it would take "magic" for the Japanese to do the same with a 450.
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