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Hi trc , well our product is different from the Thundermax, quite different and it will probably be a lot cheaper. It will not replace your ECU, and in our team is a professional that has worked in the field for about 8 years. We are quality freaks, I will have to be completely happy with it on my own bike before we start selling, and since most of the features we are going to provide are things i would like to have for myself this is why i remembered asking you guys what would you think.

I might even be able to send a few test units to some guys around here so that they can try it and have an unbiased review.

Thanks for your reply and if you have any ideas, we'd like to hear them :)

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I'd suggest you read up on the failures of others for other manufacturers if this is a replacement ECU. If it's a piggyback, nevermind :)

I can't tell you how much I wish I hadn't dropped a grand on my Thundermax ECU POS NEVERWORKSRIGHT PITA CRAPPYSUPPORT

Good luck!

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