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I drive every day to work. Don't have many spectacular stories. Try to behave, keep out of trouble and watch my mirrors very closely.
Do about 10km on the highway, during rush traffic. Lane splitting is allowed here and is usually no problem.
You can to predict after a while when a car wants to do a sudden change of direction and anticipate this.

Only have a problem with big trucks that are in the left lane (which isn't allowed) so then you can't split lanes.. and some cars also just keep on the right side of the left lane and don't want to make room for you to pass..

The roads going towards the highway are more dangerous for me;
I pass 2 school areas where you can only drive 30kmh (20mph).
In one I often get passed on the left, but at the end of the street cars are stuck for minutes before a red light, so I pass them all again. :) I just laugh with them.

At another school I sometimes get passed by cars on the right, they just go over a bicycle path. That's less fun as usually I didn't expect them and as the road is a bit small, their mirror just passes my handlebar within an inch..
This happens about once a month to me..

Weird things I remember;. someone once threw a cigarette out of the window just in front of me, hit me on the helmet. Gives a spectacular ball of fire but it's immediately gone.
Also hit a pigeon once on the exit of the highway. My fault, I had room enough to pass it left or right, but was just so fixated that it tried to land in the middle of the road that I hit it. Lots of feathers when it hit my windshield..

Haven't had much road rage or drivers that try to block me. I try ignore them, either stay behind them and leave some distance, or pass them and get away fast. Had one block me when I was filtering at a red light. Moved his car all the way to the right next to a truck so I could not get in between. This left me enough room to pass him on the left :) then he moved forward so he almost touched the car in front of him, but that one also let me pass on the left..

Sometimes I have young people on 50cc scooters/honda dax/.. that want to race me at the a red light. Yeah as if you have a chance against 800cc..

Last week had a close call. Saw a bmw jeep coming fast behind me. Had to turn left, put on my indicator light, and wanted to get into the specific lane. Just when I start to move left I look again and notice he hasn't slowed down, although the light is already red. So I stay in the right lane and he goes past me at full speed and takes a left turn while it's allready 2 to 3 seconds red.. idiot. Worst of all, when it's green again I turn left left and he's just parked behind the corner, sitting in his car reading some papers. So he didn't win any time, but almost hit me.
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