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I drive to work every day, also in bad weather.
When it rains it's usually also colder, so your tires take a lot longer to warm up. That's the most important thing to remember. It's different to start your ride in the rain (cold tires, less grip), than to have been driving for half an hour and then getting some downpour (you'll have much better grip in corners).

Accelerating in a straight line will feel the same, when braking and cornering you have to do more careful.
The first miles I drive careful and take corners very slow.

When your tires are still cold, check if there's a dry line on the road and try to follow it. In heavy rain you're usually better off driving in the line of the wheels of cars, but sometimes it's better in the middle of the road.

Be careful on painted lines - therefor again take corners slowly so you drive straight over a zebra crossing and only start to turn when you've passed it.

Keep enough distance from cars before you..
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