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Sorry Flagger, I forgot about the F800 rode one, liked it.

Mike, you are one of the few that abuse your big bike.

Whitey, sorry for stepping on your toes, it was purely a PMS moment

Originally Posted by ArmyJoe View Post
You guys have probably forgotten what it's like, but it's so nice being a new rider. I can ride anything without any preconceived notions of how it's supposed to be and head down the road grinning from ear to ear.
Exactly. If 100,000 adv bikes are sold, how many will ever see more than the occasional dirt road? A couple days ago a friend of mine on his GS was scolded because he took all his riding buddies down a road that got their adv bikes dirty.

They're selling a lifestyle, like the Shadow wants to be a Harley, cashing in on what BMW pretty much created, the Adv lifestyle. Personally, I thought they should have brought the Transalp back to the USA to go up against the vstrom and such, I have yet to figure that one out since the bike has been sold in Europe for decades.

What's the wheel size of those Buels that are ridden on the road enduros? 17"?

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