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Originally Posted by snooker View Post
Very useful! So Dan the original poster was showing screen shots from his 24k "Mountain Central" (a 2 state set that retails for $99). And others have posted about the 24k "West" or "Southwest" DVD (each one covers 4 states and retails for $129).

I am wondering why Garmin sells both types? Is it just to offer a slighty cheaper set if you only needed say 1 state like Colorado?

Is the data on these 2 the same or completely different (for the same area)?

Could anyone with the 24k Southwest DVD (including Colorado) please post screen shots of the identical area that Yellow Pig posted in the beginning? Then at least for those 2 spots we could compare.

The 1st comparison is near I-70 in central Utah at: 38.85, -110.85

The 2nd comparison is NW of Colorado Springs, CO at: 39.08, -105.35

This would be most helpful, thanks. I just ordered a new Montana and the 24k Southwest, so maybe I will send it back???
Generally, the two state versions are on microSD or download and are limited in coverage to fit on the data card or make download more reasonable. The DVDs cover a larger area since they have more space available, but cost more since you get more coverage.

With the cards or downloads, they are tied to the card or unit, whereas with DVD you do not have that limitation.

I haven't used the card or download version, but I'm betting the data/detail are the same, it is only a difference in delivery method.
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