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Originally Posted by CrashTheDOG View Post
Any trick to getting HDB to contact me to place an order? I've got too many questions to simply order off of their website. I've sent two emails within a week of each other and still haven't heard back. Would it help to order something off of the website and request a call to discuss options?
I've bought plenty of stuff from Paul and that's the way it goes sometimes. One day you'll get an email in 3 minutes, others it's awhile. One man band. But you can't find another vendor as helpful and committed to his product than HDB.

His setup works excellent, I've crash tested it on my dirt bike more times than I care to admit and it is super tough. I mounted it above a BRP triple with Scotts damper on my Husqvarna and on my CBR I have the nicer top plate mounted to an Emig triple with damper.

It's worth the wait, just understand he's not blowing you off
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