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Originally Posted by Mongle View Post

I was just thinking the same thing. I think the DR is one of those bikes that is bought because it works...not because it is cool. Keeps a lot of the under 30s people from buying one.

I look back at the cruisers and sport bikes I have owned and think: I could have owned several DRs and had WAY more fun....
Maybe not cool, but sort of a 'macho' thing? Im not really sure on this one either, and im under 30

My 1200 Bandit isnt the most flashy bike, but it is a great deal more comfortable than a sportbike and even faster in a straight line (isnt stock)- wont turn for shit though (weight, suspension). That said, I bought it mainly for that rush of acceleration, and secondly to do longer trips with. It rarely gets attention, most of my buddies who ride sport bikes give me shit, etc, so im not really sure about 'cool'. I have to say ive had more compliments and comments on the DR650 in the short time ive owned it then I have had for the Bandit the entire time Ive owned it.

I really think it boils down to 'conquering' a given environment- sportbikes conquer tracks and streets faster than any bike, while dirtbikes conquer dirt faster than any bike. The DR650 isnt the best at either. Men are heavily driven to 'conquer' everything around them- money, women, locations, other men (by dominating them, e.g. sports, fights, etc), and maybe thats why DRs arent really popular with the younger group. JMHO
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