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Originally Posted by Kommando View Post
Grip in rain can be fine. It can also disappear in a split second. I don't worry about traction much on the slab. My bike's not as likely to hydroplane as a cage and the turns are rarely very sharp at the speed limit. My main concerns are lightning, visibility (seeing and being seen), paint, metal, contaminants, and cagers being stupid. Rule of thumb for traction is to ride like you're driving on snow...all inputs being smooth, give yourself plenty of room for avoidance, and slow down for turns in case traction isn't as good as you thought it was. Paint, metal, or contaminants can be SLICK when wet.

As for being seen, I wear hi-viz/reflective, my bike is lit up on all sides, and I keep a slow weave in my lane going to create lateral motion.

Stay aware, using your peripheral vision and mirrors. Use a pinlock or some other anti-fog solution that works for you.
Bolded fer importance; the street is not the track! Grip can vary a lot on the street.
Last weekend I dun rode my favorite twisties after sum serious rain storms. The clean wet parts had excellent grip, butt there wuz also corners where mud, rocks, tree branches and other debris were in the road. (Much less grip on muddy roads w/ leaves 'n shit)
A pinlock on mah SHOEI RF1100 works great. The SHOEI face shield seals well, 'n the pinlock keeps the fog at bay so'z I can see wut I'm run'in into.

I also "soften up" mah suspension; turn out preload compression & rebound damping ta lower mah pig, 'n make her more compliant.

As mentioned above, be smooth! Unless yer do'in the hooligan thang?
Cum'in from dirt bikes, we alwayz looked forward ta the rainy season, 'n slip slid'in 'round. Now I just take that same pleasure to the streets.
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