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Originally Posted by mgorman View Post
What's the wheel size of those Buels that are ridden on the road enduros? 17"?
It was my experience on a Buell (with a 17" front wheel) that has lead me to believe that an adventure bike needs a 19 or 21 inch front. This new Honda is a 500cc bike... It's not made to compete with 'big adventure bikes'. It could've been made to fill a niche in between the more dirt oriented DR/XR 650 and the more street oriented Vstrom/650GS. I really think it could've been a true KLR competitor... that kind of wierd niche between more road, and more off-road worthy. Some people want a twin over a thumper, the new tech could put the performance comparable despite the cc disadvantage... 6 speeds, fuel injection, cheap... all great things. Unfortunately they threw that 17" front on there that screams (to me) IT'S NOT REALLY CAPABLE OFF ROAD!!! It'll cater towards road only folks, but they make 3 versions of this exact bike... do they all need to cater towards road only folks?

I agree with you that it's a status thing with this bike; it's not a real adventure bike, that's why I was disappointed.

Originally Posted by ArmyJoe View Post
You guys have probably forgotten what it's like, but it's so nice being a new rider. I can ride anything without any preconceived notions of how it's supposed to be and head down the road grinning from ear to ear.
Actually, that's exactly how I am in real life. Both my current bikes I bought without a test ride. They're motorcycles... I'm going to enjoy them... I'll ride with folks on any other make/model bike... and if we get a chance to trade, I'm all for it... doesn't even matter what you ride.

But on the internet I've come to bitch about stuff more than I ever have before. It must be pretty bad if I'm noticing it myself. I got in a pissing match with someone over in Thumpers yesterday out of sheer boredom. Not sure what my problem is lately... I think, since I've recently shaken my hardcore fan-boy status and am trying to remain open to all now, other fan-boy types (not personal, no one here) just rub me the wrong way, and I always want to play devils advocate just to erk them.

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