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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
Most (if not all) NASCAR chassis are MIG welded. A quality MIG weld is more than strong enough for roll cage work as well as suspension components. I've seen my share of crappy TIG welds in offroad racing. Multiple pass welds where the root pass is cold and fills gaps in poorly notched/fitted tube and then a "sic Bro weave" washed over the top. Total crap strength wise, but looks like a million bucks.
yes all NASCAR chassis are MIG welded. When you smash them at the rate they do you have to. But there is a lot of TIG work in those shops as well. But in the off road world and rally and everything else but roundly round racing its TIG welding for the most part because of its streith (when done properly) and the fact that most chassis are made of 4130 which is not a fan of MIG welding.

the "Sic Bro weave" made me LOL because i have seen my fair share of that as well. Everyone in so-cal with a flat billed hat and a tube bender is a fucking car builder bro!
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