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I left early yesterday because I wanted to try and make my penultimate border crossing. I headed out back towards San Cristobal de Las Casas. I made it to the border around 1:00. The Mesilla crossing is still one of the easiest. Nice that it is an early one.

I was back riding in Mexico by about 2:30 and trying to make the last 170km to San Cristobal. The roads are fun, but after Comitan it gets higher and this a bit cold. Overcast and only maybe 50.

I will admit I did not miss all of the topes. Those slow you down. The other problem was encountering some more" fundraising" protesters. Essentially they just shut down the road and charge every car 20 pesos. It backs everything up for as mile or so. Again, being on the bike at least let me get to the front. It did NOT get me out of paying, although I did not pay the full price. At the first stop, I told them I did not have 20 pesos because I had just crossed the border. They just asked me how much I did have and took my 10. In fact I had more, but I did not want top have to ask for change from my 100 peso note. I am guessing, but somehow I was sure they would not have it. Nor do I feel obligated to fund political activity in another country. Worthy cause or not.

At the second stop (about 20km later), the leader did not want to accept my excuses or my 5 peso coin (my last coin). He said I could turn around and head back to find some money or I could park at the side and wait. Luckily, the rest of his friends were a little more friendly and said," hey just let him by. He Ia's an American anyway." They have me some of there literature and he agreed.

With all of that I rolled into San Cristobal about 5:30. Of course this is my third time through town, so I just started at my same cheap easy access place. Of course, when I pulled in, I see aV Strom from Illinois and an Africa Twin from Europe. I still have not figured out who they are, but I hope to talk to them.

Today is some more relaxing and the various planning that comes with getting into as new country. Especially one as big as Mexico.
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