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Originally Posted by bigfishs View Post
This has probably been covered many times in the thread but I dont want to go through at 2116 pages or whatever it is Did anyone who came from a KLR or KLX 250 notice much difference in power moving to an EFI bike?

Stock for stock comparison or jets/airbox/exhaust for KLR vs similar mods for WR.

I know its not a drag bike but from my reading the honda feels slow, the KLR faster and then the WR feels even more sprightly "flamesuit on"
One more....................................

I assume you are talking about a KLR 250 not a 650
I own both the KLX and WRR. I have switched back and forth on them all summer, and both have their advantages. The WRR is bone stock, and the KLX has a dynojet kit in it.
No comparison in a drag race, the WR pulls the KLX with ease. Completely different motors........... Longer stroke KLX much better low end but a few more vibes. It's more forgiving when you get in trouble and have to lug it out. WR is a short stroke screamer and loves to rev... smooth as silk too. You have to use the gearbox more to keep it in the power band. The FI makes leaving my sea level home and going to mountain passes in Colorado much easier (main reason I bought the bike) The KLX was a dog in Colorado, but would have probably done better if I had re jetted for the trip. Hassle.
The WR has a nasty throttle snatch when you are lugging around in first gear... second for that matter. There are things you do to make it better, but the throttle roll on will never be as smooth as KLX. I rode at an ORV area this weekend, and KLX was my choice. It was a joy to ride in the tight woods, and I never killed it in a lug once. Suspension worked great too. The WR is fun for blasting the back roads, and if you need to get home in a hurry it will stay up with traffic on the interstate.
I'm going to sell one of them in the spring, and I'm really back and forth on which one to keep. My planned Colorado trip may make my mind up for me though.

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