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Kenny, this is the scooter to which I was referring in my PM to you. For everyone else; I recently took a trip to France. In Paris, I think scooters/bikes are almost as prevalent as cars (about a 60/40 car-to-bike ratio). Scoots and bikes are allowed to filter and lane-split. Rush hour is basically a stop-light drag race (that is, crazy/nuts). I'm willing to bet that if you ride a scoot/bike, you're easily home an hour before your neighbor who drives.

Most, if not all, scooters have hand mitts and skirts. I bought a pair of Tucano Urbano hand mitts and put them on my Reflex. They are awesome and have allowed me to ride, with my mid-weight gloves, in 20 F morning temps since my return. The skirt stays in place when you ride, keeping you warm (out of the airflow) and dry (if it's raining). There must be helmet laws in France because I did not see any helmet-less riders. However, they do not seem to like to wear any other moto specific gear (jackets or pants). A lot of women ride scoots as it's common to see riders with fur-rimmed hooded jackets and high-heeled boots. Both Tucano Urbano and Bagster (a French company) make hand mitts and skirts (among other accessories). The TU hand mitts seem to be most popular while the Bagster skirt is most often seen. I know Bagster's US distributor is in Naperville (I contacted them when I was searching for soft luggage for my TransAlp).

Since scooters seem to have a reputation as being "summer" transport, if you could make them a little more weather impervious, they might be viewed as a viable three season option.

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