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Originally Posted by Mobiker View Post
Whether you're comfortable not being able to flat foot a bike or not depends on a bunch of variables. Like your upper body strength, leg strength, experience level, terrain, bike, yada, yada, yada.

I'd be more comfortable on tiptoe or one foot with something like a 375 lb Dr650 vs something like a 600lb Tenere or Stelvio. Depends on the cg of the bike too.

Less experienced riders haven't developed the comfort level more experienced riders may have.

I don't get you guys that don't get this. You sound like you were experts from the get go.
I still don't get it. But yes, maybe just can't relate. I started riding in the 60's.

However, I didn't think we were dealing with noobs here with XC owners either. I'm not that tall at 5-10 and wear a 30" inseam. I have ridden all those bikes you mention, without issue. The tallest are the KTM dirtbikes, seat height at like 38in. Of course they squash down quite a bit when you sit on them. And yes, bike size has at least something to do with it, but the XC isn't nearly the heft as either bike you mention. That's why I chose the XC.

With two-up and luggage it's a handful for this 175lb weakling. I would rather run the seat up high to give more legroom to the pegs, but find issue with getting a toe down with it that high, so I run the seat at the lower setting. I don't recall any bike in my past that I could flat-foot, hence my comment.

Instead of saying 'you guys', why didn't you just address me directly since I started it.
I just thought it was being made more if an issue than it needed to be. I personally think lowered bikes have been hobbled, but understand it for really short riders.
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