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Chapter III: Heading home

After three days of adult silliness, we packed our things and started home. Riki, needing to leave at the crack of dawn, rode first on his own and got lost. (I'd meet up with him on my own sometime later).

We got stuck behind a huge accident on a two-lane road that shut both directions down for more than three hours. After standing around for a bit and talking with folks, I finally cajoled the others into using one of the farmer's roads in the fields. The guys grumbled until the summer sun got to be too much. Then they were happy to ride anywhere...

The hard mile on dirt got us hungry and we stopped in Lusk for lunch:

Just out of Lusk, Professor Clarke stopped us for one of his periodic history lessons. Not sure how much of this is bullshit, but he sounded convincing.

I eventually caught up with Riki somewhere near Utah.

We had lunch at a great place in Salt Lake Called Sage's Cafe, as evidenced by the giant sign in the picture below. Riki was grumpy, but he got his own ass lost.

From there we split up. I headed home...

And got to see my wife and boy Gage:

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