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The saga continues..... but there are clues

I replaced both starter relays and nothing changed. I started looking real close at some of the wiring and plugs near the battery and relay.

KTM uses some really thin wires. A couple years ago I had an electrical issue and finally found it was a broken wire, the small one coming out of the fuse on the positive cable at the battery. In the process, before I figured out it was the wire, I replaced the voltage regulator. So, I've got some nice new wiring in the area and some old worn wiring.

So today as I was moving some wires around and hitting the starter button, it kicked the starter just for a second. Ahah!!

So looking at the wires and plugs that I was touching, they are in bad shape: exposed wire at the connector, and very stiff, brittle wire on those. I tried cleaning all the plugs and moving the wires around while trying the button but could not recreate the starter turning.

I need to replace some of the wires and I think it should be good. My friend is going to help me, he's got a soldering iron and is experienced with this stuff.

I'll report back when I know more.

Thanks for all the help.


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