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New guy here!!

I've been lurking here for quite some time and its about time I came out. I put my first post up in the Beemer "parallel univers".

Heres the Coles notes of my dilemma.

Rode sport bikes for years. Got out of that due to a few bad crash's, speeding tickets etc etc. Broke into Adventure Touring in 09 on a new KLR650. Its been great, taught me a lot but frankly its boring. Need I say more? Nothing wrong with it, great bike, but for me, I need something more.

I've read and read and read and narrowed it down to the 990 Adventure and the F800GS. I see pro's and cons for each. The con's for the KTM seem rather small however, limited to fuel mileage and maintenance. I do enjoy turning wrenches in my garage so its not that much of a deal.

The 800GS is a fair bit cheaper. However....

I have been reading about guys complaining about soft forks and shocks etc. Even for 2013 there is some whining. I do not want to pull the trigger on an expensive bike, then hit the internoggin to spend cash I don't have on springs etc.

Upgrades to me are, protection, crash bars skid plates etc, wind screens, panniers etc. Not major components.

Are the suspension concerns valid for the 2013 GS? who knows. It is the internet after all.

Does the 990 live up to its reputation as build tough? take a beating and keep on going? My KLR went through some pretty harsh terrain and never failed me.

I know there is the 'search' option for all those about to flame me for opening this up. I have read it all.

Any former KLR guys who have gone to the 990? I would love to hear from you.

Regards, Paul.
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