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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
I buy my dual sport tires online and spoon them on myself. I buy my race tires trackside and the vendor mounts them on the spot. I've never found a shop that I feel comfortable buying online and having them mount and balance for a fee. The shops I deal with are smaller specialty shops for the most part, so If I need their mounting services, I am compelled to pay up for their tires too.
Yeah theres a small independant shop kinda near me i might check out, i'd feel like a douche walking in with a tire for them to mount, also they have seen issues of tires bought online that wouldn't balance out. I guess i just gotta shop around local and see whats best.

I would like to this spring get my girlfriend a jacket and helmet that we'll have to buy at a dealer to make sure it fits right, it sucks knowing i could save money going online so i guess if its where they have to order it in then i'll just buy it online since we'll be guessing/waiting either way.
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