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Originally Posted by laser17 View Post
Dont kick start it like your other bikes. Engage the kickstarter 1st. Feel the pawl contact the idler and present a resistance in the lever, then snap through it while maintaining pressure.. If you just swipe away at it - it will break. Takes awhile to develop a good starting technique for most new riders - so be patient.
I slap kick all of mine, as the 2 times I ever did the pressure thing, the gear broke completely off the kickstart shaft. I have a technique so I shouldn't say it without a video explaining how my slap-kick, is soo very different than anyone else's might think...

Anywho, Here's a money saving and energy saving, time tested GASGAS starting tip: IMHO which will save a helluva lot of wear and tear on your kickstart, just because it will/does start my livery of raga 300's, on the 1st kick, even when it is COLD a hell out!

How to:

I...Pull up on shifter, putting the bike into 2nd or 3rd, turn on everything like normal: 1 choke 2 Fuel petcock.
II.. Then, Rock vigorously back and forth with the engine going back and forth to the compression cycle...
III. make sure you end at the pull the bike backwards. This lets you get a "run" at the TDC or compression, better chance to start.

I Do this for fair weather (70 F-90 F here in the states) a minimum of 5-6 times, in cold weather I do it more, warmer I might not do as many.

FWIW, I have had several pro's since the 2004 models. The My current livery of 3 raga 300's each will start, ON THE 1st kick, every time.
* assuming the bike is setup right, you kick it right. *

Why this works?
The Gas Gas kinda is "light" on the choke circuit... BTW, if you twist the throttle "at all" on the Delorto I believe, while or just as you kick, most times this nullifies the choke circuit, least that is what I think I have been told. Kehins act differently (opposite IIRC) the Kehins are on 06 and newer race models, 04 and newer raga's, again, IIRC...

your mileage could vary, I've started mine when it was 22F, after rocking 12 times, in 2 kicks or less, many times... If I ever shut off the bike at section, I do this rocking before I start it, like while waiting my turn as well...

this technique has worked for me, since the 1st "pro" model we bought, which was a plain old 04.

BTW, this works great, if it matters, worked as well on the son's lower CC models too!... and any bike that seems to need more choke to get it to start.
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