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let me answer a few questions quickly.

the bike i took Xcountry was a tomos ST that was only modified with a new exhaust pipe and rejetted carb. later on it got an H4 headlight "upgrade" (still couldnt see shit). you started it by kicking it back like a motorcycle, but you were using the bike pedals. it would run up to 40+, but cruised around 30-35 (depending on the gear)

the Puch that i restored you started by pedaling your ass off then pulling in a clutch, basically compression starting it. that particular one got a bullet headlight and completely rewired with a good pipe. itd hit 40 on a good day, but did around 30 with only minor mods.

and the blue one, the "hustler" is an old Tomos with the A3 motor. i just added the name for shits because its such a small, absurd bike. its going to hit around 55 when im done, but that obviously wont be stock. going to throw a 70cc kit on it (actually, im hoping a 74cc kit and get to 60)
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