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I'll chime in a little here (I was the SE right behind him at the staring line wearing the red moose gear).

We started at the back of the groups, as there were only three of us and Paul (the owner of highland park) didn't know who was going to show up or how well we might be able to ride the course. I think we proved that we need to start a bit more towards the front next time around.

I wasn't nearly as aggressive in my passing so I think you never see me past the first few corners of the MX track (on my video I almost ran into FD505 over one of the jumps) but it was a total hoot to ride the 950 fast in the woods for an hour and a half. I am totally worn out today (could have also been the 3 or 4 hours of riding I did after the race as well, half on my 950 on the same trails, and half back on the 450).

I ran a new Pirelli MT16 rear tire, 120/100-18 with a moose HD tube at 20psi. no problems with mine. Front I ran a lightly use pirelli MXMS 80/100-21 with HD tube and 20psi. I think the guy on the GS was running Michelin S12's and I think he said around 20psi? I lined up with 25psi, but after talking to him I dropped mine to around 20 as well. Worked fine with the heavy duty tubes. Next time I might run a mousse insert in the front if I can get my hands on one. I think in the future I might run the Scorpion Pro 90/90-21 front, and the XCMS rear 120/100-18 and see how they work unless it's drier and maybe keep the MT16 rear?

My biggest complaint for the race was my suspension. I have only had the bike about a month, and the suspension has been done in the past by SuperPlush (SPS) and it's been great but I don't think it was tuned with this kind of riding in mind. In the trails it was decent but there's a lot of water bars/jumps on the up (and down) hills, and I bottomed out every so often. next time i'll stiffen things up more and see if that helps. the second lap on the MX track I started to jump the jumps but the landings were sketchy (i.e. I thought I was going to crash twice) so I decided fear was better than valor and rolled off over the jumps on the MX track. I did continue to air out a few on the trails though, I'll try to post another video of part of my ride tomorrow (camera was pointed too low and there's mud on the lens, so it's kind of annoying). I was there for the experience, not necessarily to win. :)

but it was crazy fun and really a blast. Highland Park will be doing another race the end of January/early Feb and he will definitely have an ADV/V-twin class again. Everyone loved hearing and seeing them in action!
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