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I picked up a used '11 R1200R this spring. Still in love with it over 6000 miles later!

Why an 'R over other bikes?
I'm too short for a GS. Plus I think they are fugly. :)
I didn't want the extra weight, wind protection or cost of an RT. I was coming off an FJR and I found it to be too heavy.
I liked the F800ST on paper, but in person it was uncomfortable and the motor was uninspiring.
One test ride convinced me. The 'R just felt right, like it was built for me.

The 'R has a surprising amount of wind protection with just the fly screen, but still lets enough clean air through to let you know you are on a bike.

Thanks to heated gear and grips, I've commuted on it since I got it in March. I'm starting to worry about ice & salt, so will probably stop for the winter unless we get unseasonably warm days with dry roads.

Rode two-up into Vermont on October 19th for a weekend trip with the girlfriend on the back, passing through record breaking rains. The bike never skipped a beat. We were comfy, but quite damp by the time we arrived. Rode home on Sunday after our gear was finally dried out, and had a blast on the App Gap and Kancamagus. Cresting a ridge into a small town in VT on the way home a police car flashed his blues at me to slow down for the town, but didn't turn and pull us over... I don't know if it was because I was slowing down, it was about 50 degrees and there were two of us fully geared up, or we were on such a standard looking bike, but I was happy not to have to add an unexpected cost to the trip.

All in all, it really is the perfect "do everything" bike for me. Comfy enough to ride all day between the seat, weight and suspension. Sporty, light & powerful enough to have a lot of fun in the twisties. Just enough wind protection to prevent fatigue. Passenger seat and storage enough for two-up trips. All packaged in a way that I find really well engineered and very stylish.

It's not without its quirks or course... On-off throttle transitions were rough, but have gotten noticeably better since installing a BoosterPlug. Mirror vibes were awful until I installed Wunderlich mirror extenders and Throttlemeister bar-ends. Replacing the worn out Bridgestones with Pilot Road 3s has made a huge difference in handling too. I'm considering some additional lighting for safety, but mostly just better gear and more riding!

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