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Originally Posted by 1greenmachine View Post
Yeah theres a small independant shop kinda near me i might check out, i'd feel like a douche walking in with a tire for them to mount, also they have seen issues of tires bought online that wouldn't balance out. I guess i just gotta shop around local and see whats best.

I would like to this spring get my girlfriend a jacket and helmet that we'll have to buy at a dealer to make sure it fits right, it sucks knowing i could save money going online so i guess if its where they have to order it in then i'll just buy it online since we'll be guessing/waiting either way.
For the helmet you want to make sure it fits right, so no harm trying different helmets on and buying accordingly. For the jacket and other protective stuff, just go to the manufacturer's website and find their sizing guide. Then measure her correctly and you should know what size to order.

Definitely check the selection and prices with the local guy first though on that stuff. If they are close in price compared to online, then might as well buy it all locally and save on shipping.
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