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headset communication for 3

OK; I'm overwhelmed with the communication options out there, so I'm looking for even more opinions on what kind of helmet communication system to buy: this is going to be for my K1100RS/Flexit sidecar outfit so I'm looking for options that will work for three people on a single vehicle. Here are my priorities:

- good audio full duplex communication for 3 people wearing full face helmets, at speed. This is essential, everything else is optional.

- Wires are acceptable, but wireless obviously would be preferred.

- Once set up, it should be relatively simple to use.

- the ability to use iphone via bluetooth when riding solo would be a good plus.

- the ability for the sidecar passenger to be able to plug in separate audio would also be good.

- bike to bike a plus, but well down on the list.

That's about it. I'd really like to keep the budget well under $500.00 for the three systems, which means most of the latest generation Bluetooth options are out of my range, plus offer more than I really need. Any suggestions?

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