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Sure, why not?
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Well, fixerDave, I use routing in a few different ways. One way is when I have to go to someplace I've never been before. Depending on the vehicle choice or task at hand, I may just punch in the address and let the GPS take me there. This is particularly handy at night since you don't really have to see the street names.

Another way is for motorcycle pleasure rides that have a specific destination or one where I want or need to go through certain areas for whatever reasons. I will figure out a route that I want to take by looking at maps, either on screen or on paper (often both), and mark up my choices in a route that I load to the GPS. I may select a road for any number of reasons, but low probability of traffic and interesting terrain are my key factors. I used to mark up my paper maps and stage them for the tank bag map window. I don't tend to mark up the paper maps anymore, but I do put them in the tank bag map window as I go along, or try to.

What I find is that either way, for a planned route, I am going to spend some time prior to the ride poring over maps. What sticking it into the GPS does is eliminate that time that would be spent during the ride itself trying to match the map to my position and determining where to take which turn. So, I now have much more time during the ride to look at the things around me and enjoy the scenery.

I also take rides where I simply follow my big nose and go wherever whim suggests, but those are more likely rides of a shorter duration.
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