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Originally Posted by 1greenmachine View Post
I would like to this spring get my girlfriend a jacket and helmet that we'll have to buy at a dealer to make sure it fits right, it sucks knowing i could save money going online so i guess if its where they have to order it in then i'll just buy it online since we'll be guessing/waiting either way.
I have a different view on that. If they stock the gear (at least the brand) I don't have a problem trying it on and then deciding where to buy it. I'd say it's 50/50 online or local. On the other hand, I know I am a euro 43 boot, large jacket and 36-38 waist pant. The type product I buy has a big range for error. In other words, the stuff is pretty loose. I have bought things sight unseen and never had anything that didn't work.

On the NEXT other hand, I am looking to buy my last suit. I think it will be Klim. I want it to fit well, since the money is so big.

Not sure the solution, but given the total expense, I might pay shipping for a couple sizes if I can't find local.
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