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Originally Posted by Jeff B View Post
I'm not responsible for anyone but myself in saying this, but I have beaten dents out of my Cast rims of my Versys a half a dozen times now w/a sledge and a piece of hardwood.

My repairs have never been good enough that it was imposible to detect where they have been ,but they have not cracked [checked w/dye], and they do not wobble, shimmy, or shake at any speed.

After the first time, I have not made it a special task since, to remove the tire to bend it back. I now wait until the tire needs replaced to do it.

I just noticed yesterday that I now have another one up front.

Here's some pics of the first one that happened shortly after buying this bike. It was just bad enough to feel a slight shimmy, but I was on a trip and lived w/it for hundreds of miles.

yea about 8 years ago i was doing a lot of supermoto conversions with the honda cbr f3 wheels and was buying dented ones for cheap and straightening them out for myself. i got so good at it you couldnt tell it was ever damaged. i even had a jig i made to hold the wheel and true them.
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