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Howdy All,

I am back again, when last writing this report, Jock and I had spent the night with his friends, day 25 of the rideabout, started with finding and then spending the better part of half a day at Bruce's bike shop where a full service was performed on the Ural and some new tires installed to replace the badly worn ones that we limped in on. Here the shop information.

TVS Sidecars, 9/29 Casey St.
Aitkenvale, Townsville
QLD 4814

We find the shop,

and are greeted by Bruce who will be taking care of the Ural's needs.

Before Bruce can work on the Ural he has to make room by moving this wrecked rig out of the shop. This was a BRAND NEW rig that was crashed by a new inexperienced hack rider.

The wreck moved outside, the Ural is rolled into the work bay to be serviced.

As Bruce is working on the Ural, I wander around the shop, its setup to do just about any type of repair and or custom work on any brand of motorcycle, with a large stock of common parts and accessories.

This is one of the worn out tires that will be replaced on the Ural, I got as many klicks out of them as was possible.

Work being done to the hack wheel and brake check.

The new tires have arrived, they will be sent out with the wheels to be mounted at another shop, as all of Bruce's employees were busy with other tasks.

A fellow stopped by this rig, looks fast.

Bruce is hard at work.

John and Rhonda, stop by to meet and visit with me.

Jock wanted to stand next to Rhonda.

Here we are the rig serviced and ready to hit the road. I owe a special THANKS to Spanner, the lady sitting on the rig, she is one of Bruce's employees who was very instrumental in getting the tires back so we could get moving again as we had a lot of ground to cover before the sun went down.

Jock says farewell to Spanner, for an old coot he has a way with the ladies.

And so the rig serviced, new tires where needed, we are off to continue the sojourn. I want to thank Bruce and his crew for the excellent work they did on the Ural, for caring for our needs by providing lunch and drinks while at the shop. I ask that folks who live in the Townsville area or those who are traveling and passing through to stop at Bruce's shop if they need parts or service, he will do a great job of taking care of your bike. THANKS Bruce.

Oh before I continue, my mate Lee who I met at the OCR had a front crank bearing go bad on his Ural, he stopped at Bruce's shop, the shop fixed his rig the day before Jock and I arrived, this gave Lee and I a chance to visit whilst the Ural was being worked on, I am sure that Lee will join in my recommendation of Bruce's shop.

I can't remember where we ended up that night or if we camped or found a cheap place to sleep, again I have lost photos.

The next morning, day twenty six of the rideabout, starts out sunny, we are off, headed south, we stop for gas along the way.

We have some breakfast.

While eating breakfast I notice a man riding a BMW who has on his jacket, a Vietnam Service Medal, I don't know this man but I walk up to him, and invite him to share our table, when he sits down I offer my hand and speak these words "Welcome Home".

In the USA when we who had served in Vietnam came home for the most part we were NOT welcomed we were treated quite badly by many of our countrymen, it became a custom among Vietnam Vets when they met to shake each others hands and say the words "Welcome Home" as in most cases our countrymen had never done so. I could see that my greeting was a surprise to my new mate and so I explained it to him.

After brecky and before continuing our journey I took a photo my my Brother in Arms, I am so sorry I have again forgotten a name. Ride free and long my Brother, may our trails again someday cross.

On our way south we hit a lot of road work and had to stop many times, look behind the Ural, on the hill side is a large sculpture of a big black lizard.

A better view of the lizard.

We wait, and then wait some more. this would be a pattern for the rest of the day.

That night we made it as far south as Mackey. We were tired, we got a cabin in a travel court, ate a good meal and went to bed, both of us tired from the long day on the road. Stay tuned, there is more to this tale.
Dave, aka "Mr. Cob"

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