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Originally Posted by MsLizVt View Post
ER70S-2 and MrBob, et al.
Thank you for the kind words.
I learn a lot too, and every now and then I try to give back what knowledge I have that might be helpful.
For the life of me though, I still have a hard time dealing with the confrontational comments, mean spirited sarcasm, and bullying. It's not my nature to be that way, so it's hard for me to understand why others might be.
But thank you again for understanding.

Speaking on behalf of the feeble minded, please keep giving - it's the very spirit of this thread, as is a smidgen of self deprecation :)

And now I'm off to learn what torque is and how it's different from PSI ;p. Up till now it's pretty much been "click" and "pssshhhhhh"

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