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Originally Posted by woods wizard View Post
Thanks, my issue is wheither to use the 570 or the 525 . I have both but one is plated & insured w limited fuel range. The other is not plated & does not have all of the D/s kit yet installed so its yet street legal. The 525 fuel issue can be fairly cheap & easy to remedy. I still have to buy my bags & figure out whats gonna fit in them. Will I have to buy all new camping gear too . As you can see this will add up very quickly when you figure in the cost of the trip across the country for 10 days . We want to camp as much as possible & only going back to towns when absolutely necc. I dont really want to stay in hotels. Also will need to get some electronics , phone charging ,GPS ? Etc. I wont use this kit much except for this kind of trip, maybe once a year if I am that lucky. Thanks in advance for any input.
I wrote you a really long and detailed response since I have the same two bikes, then the site ate my post. Ugggg.....! Anyway, take the Husaberg. I put 35,000 miles on my KTM 525 before I bought the Husaberg. Lots of dual sport with gear, and what not camping for weeks at a time. i thought the KTM was the best bike ever. Then I bought the Husaberg, with 5500 miles on my 2011 Husaberg, I haven't ridden the KTM 200 miles since buying the Husaberg. The KTM is still a great bike, but the Husaberg is better. Buy some Wolfman or Giantloop luggage (i run Wolfman stuff), get a 70 degree fuel tank, place a really good inline fuel filter on your bike, and invest in a really good sprocket and chain (the original was gone in 3300 mile). Put the LED rear taillight on your bike, and ride it wherever. That's my advice. I'll try to post some stuff that I've done to the Husaberg to make it better, but none of that is absolutely necesary, except maybe adding a HID headlamp bulb so you can see at night. These kits can be purchased from HD Bright for around $80.
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