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Originally Posted by UnclebudinTX View Post
8gb but i was told you can go as high as 32gb,, but i have not tested that... i have about 9 hours of music and maps on the 8gb card...

do a seach on this site about updating maps... there is an old thread by some guy nemed zumoman or something like is very helpful.. i thought i had the thread book marked but cant find it right now
A reply to me from Garmin support. "Thank you for contacting Garmin International.

I will be happy to help you with this. Garmin releases 4 map updates a
year, and with every map update more information is added. Because of
this you will have to select for a smaller region to be downloaded to
your device, and the rest of your update can be loaded to an SD card
using the MapInstall program. In order to download the rest of your
update to an SD card you will have to select for your maps to download
to your "device and computer". Below I have provided you with
instrucitons on how to use MapInstall.

Using MapInstall-

The map update installation will install the maps on your Garmin device
but will also install them to your computer. This is beneficial in
cases where there is not enough free space to install the map data to
the internal memory. After you have updated the Nuvi with a region
(i.e. West Region) you will need to insert a blank SD card. The SD card

must be at least 512 MB but no larger than 16 GB.

Once you are connected to the computer, open the MapInstall program.
You can open MapInstall from your Start Menu > All Programs > Garmin

When MapInstall opens it will ask you to select a device. Just verify
that the Nuvi is listed and select the 'removable disk' from the drop
down menu. After you have selected the 'removable disk', select Next.

Once the map page has loaded, simply select the states you want to
install onto the card. Be sure to remember that all of the states you
originally loaded do not need to be selected. You only need to select
the states that were not included in the region you installed.

If you need further assistance please reply to this email or contact us
at 1-800-800-1020 Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm and Friday 8am-5pm Central.

With Best Regards,

Tamara J" No 32gb support according to the reply I got.
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