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The Wolf 150 IS a Chinese bike. A while back I was dead set on buying one, for the looks alone. Then I joined the SYM owners forum, and found out it had all kinds of quality issues. The rubber and plastic parts were very poor quality, the paint faded really quick, and it also developed rust quickly. I went to the local SYM dealer (Scooter Invasion in Tempe, AZ) and gave one a good looking over. I did not like what I saw. It definitely looked Chinese, with chintzy parts everywhere, and in fact was completely manufactured in China, not Taiwan. I never even heard it run, just looking at one was enough to convince me I no longer wanted one. SYM scooters seem to have a much better reputation than their motorcycles. Another problem with SYM, since Alliance Powersports became their importer, seems to be an almost complete lack of parts. Alliance wants all work and service to be done by their dealers, and I don't do things that way.

I have never seen the CCW bikes, but it is commonly known they are assembled in the U.S. out of 99% Chinese parts. I mean, a brand new bike with bent forks?

I have been dreaming of a good quality small displacement scooter, perhaps 151cc, with a manual transmission. Half my state is desert, the other half is mountains, and the mountains are off limits to me as far as my Vino 125 and Zuma 125 go, because of their CVTs which do not have a low enough gear range to climb steep grades. The engines lug badly and bog down. I also have an '09 Stella 2 stroke with a manual transmission, and it climbs just fine. Very slow on the long steep climbs, but at least it can be kept spinning in it's powerband, because it has way lower gearing than the Yamaha's. Only problem with it is it is made by LML in India, and the engine is not the best quality. I'm afraid to get to far from home on it. I've already had to replace the top end on it once. Next time I'll build a complete engine out of high quality parts. It's the same as a Vespa engine. But a Stella look-a-like, built by the Japanese, with a manual transmission would be super cool, even if it had to have a FI 4 stroke engine. The styling and manual transmission would still be there, and it would be reliable enough to ride anywhere.

Oh, and this is just my opinion, but those Hondas are UUUUUUUGLY. My idea of what a proper motorcycle should look like would be a late '60s Triumph Bonneville. And even though they do not look as good as the originals, I think the new Bonnevilles are still the best looking bikes sold in the U.S.
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