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Cool, lets play it by ear. Plan the leave date however it fits with your needs and if I'm able, then lets do it.

The suit was fine on the east coast. If all the vents are open and you're moving its good. You can regulate the airflow by the number of vents you zip open and how far opened they are.

I've never used the D10 and can't speak for its quality, but it widest zoom angle is 35mm—you'll be frustrated trying to capture epic landscapes with that focal length. The wide zoom 28mm lens on the TS3 is a necessity, and for any camera used for travelling. Doesn't have to be a Panasonic, though they do have the best image quality in this rugged waterproof class, just make sure its got a 28mm– XXmm zoom. Personally, I recommend the Panasonic over the others. Its a turn it on, Take picture, Turn it off approach. You do need to learn how to use exposure compensation (-2 to +2 exposure stop range) though to get good pictures in some situations (night, dusk, backlighting, etc.). There are buttons for those on the camera, so you don't have to dig through menus to access.

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That would be totally fine with me if you want to try to meet up,I think that would b e fun. I'm thinking of leaving roughly either Aug 12th or the 18th. I've got the time to leave either weekend -just not sure if I'd be better off waiting another week because of the heat. I plan to try and take an extra 4 days in CO & UT as well so I'm trying to time it right.
Would you recommend the Panasonic camera you used? I'm also considering the Canon Powershot D10-similar type of camera. I've got a nice point & shoot that's just too big,and I want something to stand up to the elements,and that will be quick and easy to use so that I'll take more pictures.
I've got the same Klim traverse pants as you were wearing, how were they in the beginning of the trip when it was hot?

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