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Originally Posted by TheRadBaron View Post
Man, thanks for the picture! That's very righteous of you. The number of wires and wiring colors look like there are a few differences from the pictures of the units on Ebay, though. The ones pictured on Ebay have six wires, while your diagram only shows five. The ones that I'm looking at have a plug with a green wire and an orange wire that isn't shown on the diagram you posted. Also, your picture shows a blue wire serving as the trigger wire, but the Ebay units don't seem to have a blue wire. What model is the diagram that you posted for, specifically? The wiring harness on mine has been cut up a bit so it's hard to tell what went where.
There's a guy who's parting out a similar quad on Ebay right now, so hopefully I can grab the CDI from him for cheap. I'm hesitant to put a Chinese CDI on anything. I really don't trust that stuff. Plus, I plan to use this 4-wheeler to ride up to a secluded cabin that I go visit from time to time and a breakdown while I was up there would be most inconvenient.
Since it looks like you might have a manual for these 4-wheelers available, would you mind telling me the valve clearance specs while you're at it? Thanks again.
Baron, I'm sending you a PM.
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