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That's good to know. I've been wondering what I'm supposed to do once this thread comes to an end.

Originally Posted by Radioman View Post
Hola iDave So glad you have asked. As a journey I have had many thoughts about what to do next and when. Lots of factors in trying to see clearly what my next adventures will be wether on the road or deciding to get back to a working life.

But the last few weeks have given me a bit of clarity about continuing the journey a bit longer. Looks like I will spend another 1-2 months in South America before heading to New Zealand early in the new year. After that ? too many thoughts and logistics to really have it all Planned out!

Someone asked a bit earlier the total cost of the trip so far..... It is a bit complicated to answer directly as i was back in the states before and after India and I had some unexpected expenses to do with my car, my houses and a few other things. So I have yet to break all this out and put actual numbers to them. But they all impact the length and scope of my ride.

Here is the swirling thoughts in a nut shell. I try to live my life in a reasonable and focused way. Faith, Hope and courage helping to guide me. Life is truly short, but I have to be able to finish my journey on the road, and also be able to transition to some type of meaningful paid work in the future, as I do not have enough money to "retire".

That said, I know that part of me is getting ready to want to get on with life off the road, and part of me knows that I have a unique opportunity and freedom to continue on this travel. So 2013 will see continued ride reports for somewhere on the globe, and at some point a new chapter will emerge from this ride!

Will be reaching a huge milestone in the days ahead........ Stay tuned!!
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