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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
In town a moped will get you killed faster than a Hayabusa.
Why, no, no; it won't. I'm not dead.

61,101,405,682,551 moped riders are not dead.

Now some, of course, are, but this begs the question: are the incident rates for mopeds significantly greater than for other PTWs? In towns or elsewhere?

As we advance in age, and in bodily infirmity, our imaginations may expand, and amplify the (admittedly) inherent dangers that seemed less real, less immanent than they did when we were younger, more fit, hale, limber, and of greater stamina. Visualizations of gory mishap may begin to loom, unbidden and large, and take on dimensions of inevitability that they do not have. And if reaction and response times, focus, physical strength are not what they once were, we may lose confidence, may think that the arena has changed, and not ourselves.

I see a great deal of posts on the matter, but I for one have never been threatened, assaulted, or harassed when riding the public streets on a 50cc moped or scooter, and I think that this is because on most local streets and roads here, the volume of traffic and consequent clogged pace keeps speeds very low. Except for highways and high-speed cross-county roads, it doesn't matter how many CCs or horsepower you got - you can't travel any faster than me. I will routinely beat autos off the line at lights; I hold no one up, I impede nothing.

You may well live in a different sort of place where drivers and riders are more aggressive, more feral, more prone to psychotic episode than here but the real danger in my area is and continues to be distraction and inattentiveness of cagers. Hyperbolic generalizations not supported by fact - that this class or that class of PTW must, will result in your death due sheerly to a particular type of bike alone are unwarranted. If that were in any way true, we'd all be riding alone in empty pastures.
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