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Originally Posted by Emoto View Post
...Another way is for motorcycle pleasure rides that have a specific destination or one where I want or need to go through certain areas for whatever reasons. I will figure out a route that I want to take by looking at maps, either on screen or on paper (often both), and mark up my choices in a route that I load to the GPS...
If I'm understanding correctly, you're manipulating your route such that you force it to go down particular roads rather than just putting a destination in and letting it figure it out for you (not counting the "finding an address at night" routing which makes perfect sense to me). This is very much what I do except I just make my mark-up on the map I load into the GPS rather than uploading a route. I tend to update maps very often because, as Jäger points out, things change pretty quick around here.

Originally Posted by Jäger View Post
... just an observation that routing might work great in some areas where the geography and the quality of the mapping supports it, while in other areas, the geography and quality make routing more of a potential pitfall than anything else.

You can add another aspect. Regularly riding and exploring in your local area, where you're regularly going "aha!" as you find yet another backroad that connects two or more other backroads you ride is far different than travelling a couple of thousand miles on some fixed holiday time to do a dual sport ride you've been dreaming of and planning for a couple of years.

Moral of the story is that whatever works for you and the situation at hand.
In thinking about this the last day, I'm starting to see a use for routing while touring about. Not the vocal "Turn.. Left.. in" stuff, which would just irritate the hell out of me. But, if you had an end-of-day destination put in and then just let it recalculate, over and over again, as you wandered about then the results might be good.

That kind of gets back to the short verses long trips... short trips and the destination is home. Don't need routing to get home. Most of my longer trips are camping, and bush camping at that. No fixed destination... just go that'a way and find a place to stop when it gets late. But, on a reserved hotel to hotel or camp-ground trip then, yeah, makes sense to me. Set the destination then head out any which way you choose... when the ETA numbers start getting close then follow the suggested route. Flipping it around, if the ETA was early, then it's just noting that you have time to go off and do something interesting. Might work. Anyone do that? Is this the part about routing that I'm missing?

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