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Originally Posted by FixerDave View Post
I couldn't care less about routing. I ride where the wind blows me, don't know where I'm going when I hit the gas... vague ideas about areas I want to explore maybe. I do like to know where I am and I like to know what's around me, thus I love my GPS, but the last thing I want is some computer telling me where to go.

I read, and it seems I'm the odd minority in this. Everyone seems like they're always going on about turn-by-turn routing. Why? David...
I see the routes as suggestions, not something I must follow. I use auto routing all the time. I may have a target in mind I want to get too but I select the roads I want to ride. The GPS just lets me know if I can get to my target by the road I have selected.

My Zumo 450 is much better at this then my Zumo 220. The 450 tends to route me the way I am traveling and just gives me a new route to my target.

Where the 220, at times, gets hung up on the route I have deviated from and tries to route me back onto it.

Anyway, I find auto routing very fun to ride with, easily discover new routes and new roads to ride.
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