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So I have a set of pumper FCR carbs in the thing and it wheelies effortlessly, it is very hard not to.

Anyway I pull up to the lights on Main Rd Newlands next to the brewery waiting for the lights to change. There is a very slight rise and corner... just too tempting.

I got to 3rd before the corner when I put it down and coasted to the next set.


A white unmarked police car pulls up behind me and out climbs two big police guys.

"You know what you did wrong?"

"Of course! I am guilty as sin" as I took my helmet off. "It's pretty tough not to be naughty on this thing"

The one was much more chattier than the other. Amongst all the admin that happens, this was some of the conversation...

"Didn't you see us, we were right next to you when you pulled off?"

"No, really!" I laughed.

"Yup, I was just saying what big tanks you have and then next thing they were high in the air!"

"Geez, must you give me this christmas present? How much is it anyway?"

"Sorry man, 500 bucks. If you'd not slowed down we'd never have caught you through the traffic, it just doesn't seem right not to"

"Ahh, I suppose I can't argue with that, cheers."
I often wonder where that road goes? And that, has usually made all the difference. Appologies to Mr Frost
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