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My wife was out of town and she gave me permission to take it out with a local trials rider that was willing to show me the ropes. I spend 6 hours on Saturday riding different practice courses he and a buddy of his had put together.

Wow what a workout... and was it a blast, I haven't had that much fun on a bike sense I was a kid riding my first 250 dirt bike. No in fact this was even more fun!!! I wish I had known about trials years ago... if only!

Well the bottom line is that its time for me to get a trials bike for me (was going to any way) so I can ride with the wife, and I am now talking to my wife about getting a bike for our daughter as well.

Wish me the best in figuring out how to come up with the $. I am going to get the bikes, the question is how long will it take... LOL

Its great to join all of you other trials riders out there in a sport/hobby that is just plane sweet!
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