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Originally Posted by tremmy View Post
Looking at getting a heated vest for my wife. Has anyone got any opinions on the battery powered vests, as this would better suit. pillion comfort down to about 5 C would be what we are after. Any real life comparisons, battery life etc would be most appreciated.
In short don't get a heated vest, get a heated jacket liner instead. There is not a significant difference in price, especially when the required controller is included.

A heated jacket liner keeps the neck and the arms warm. It also can replace the insulated jacket liner in a motorcycle jacket were as a vest cannot since it is only a vest. It also provides a connection point for heated gloves if they are later added. It has a lower temperature comfort point. Finally because of the increased insulation it provides it can often be run on a lower setting than a vest and provides more even heat and is less subject to hot and cold spots.

Battery models are fine in slightly cool but not cold conditions. Most are designed for general use where being exposed to a cooling breeze is not a factor. A heated jacket liner uses up to 100w of energy in cold weather at highway speeds. Batteries are usually maxed out at 10watts.
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