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Bike packing

Originally Posted by EtronX View Post
Hello Rod :-)

I see from your text, and from your pictures, that you fancy small soft panniers when you travel. Light is good when it comes to off road.

I see though that you have a ton of stuff strapped outside your bags. Doesn't that defy the whole purpose of having small panniers? I tried the same on my Kola trip and you can still follow my trail from all the items I lost

When I was a Boy Scout I was tought to always leave a trail for me to follow back if I needed to. Were you a Boy Scout too
Hi Etron.

Its a balance isn't it? The small bags enforce discipline, but there's always one more thing you want to take. If I had giant bags it's be the same I suspect.
As has been stated in the thread, I'd never consider hard luggage-it's just too dangerous and a broken tibia in areas as remote as this would be a major problem.
1) I was indeed a boy scout. ...dyb dyb!
Normally I don't have so much shit strapped to the outside. I usually just have my sandals on top of my camping gear in the rollbag, and some handy tools in a Dirtbagz pouch behind me. The rest goes in the panniers.

2) I was carrying quite a lot of food at the start-4-5 dried meals and even tho' they're dried they're quite bulky. As the trip went on thje bulk went in to me and off the bike. I still have the bulk alas.
3)There's a spare HD tube in the orange bag that I couldn't get in the left pannier -I know...Bad packing.
4) The big roll of gaffer tape isn;t something I usually carry, but a last minute buy. Again...bad packing so it had to go on the outside

Water was always a problem, I just haven't the pockets for it all and we were going through tons. The bladder in my jacket holds 2 litres but it's just not enough in these temperatures when you might be many miles away from a safe water supply, and need to camp/cook at night too, then ride half the day to another water supply. Sou you end uo with water anywhere you can stuff it, and the empties need to stay with you as I'm pretty anal about littering.
Prutster and Beemster were keeping a list of all the crap I dropped and P picked up, and unsurprisingly, as you'll see as the trip went on, the food was eaten, tube installed, my bike looked tidier. Unlike myself , I looked increasingly tatty and disreputable. .
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