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Originally Posted by MODNROD View Post
I actually think Hayabusa's ARE dangerous, and are only to be played with at your peril.
and you love it, Dave; you know know you do

Originally Posted by MODNROD View Post
I personally think the designers should be brought to task on what is obviously a safety issue.
An interesting point. I once heard Tom and Ray Magliozzi, the Tappet Brothers, rage at length about the sheer irresponsibility of manufacturers, in an age of petroleum shotage and safety concerns, putting 300+ horsepower in light plastic-bodied production cars and bragging about it.

They were objectively correct, of course, but GM, Ford, et al, are only filling market sector desires: lotsa people want and will pay a premium for cars that cannot be legally or even safely driven to anything near their capabilities; the heart wants what the heart wants.

Inherent lethality? The single most lethal production vehicle ever made is the Chevrolet Camaro IROC Z28 (that's for Philistines, of course; my preferred Nutso, No-Justification-Whatsoever car is the Subaru WRX).

But this is all the other end of the stick: not native slowness, but built-in excess incontinently used that gets people killed. That is not the fault or design flaw of the machine - it's the nut holding the wheel.

Well damnmyeyes if I ain't done another threadjack.
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