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Originally Posted by backwoodsKLR View Post
So right after we took the turn above, we go a mile or so and suddenly start slowing and Supah has his flashers on and pulls over... As I stop and get my gear off, we find out he ran out of gas.

Borrow a siphon hose?

She ran out of gas, so i had to lay her down...

The bikes that are NOT out of gas...

So lets get the KTM tank lower to siphon out of the S10 while Knightwork goes to chase down DQ and Trailblazer...

Lesson one: Garden hose does not fit down in a S10 tank very well.
Lesson two: A 2 liter coke bottle can be used as a temporary gas can.
Lesson three: When everyone else TOPS OFF, DO IT TOO!!! (Just kidding, Supah!)

DQ and Knightwork returned with a 2 liter bottle of gas and got us all to the station.

When we got to the station this woman had just topped off her tank and was having trouble kickstarting her shovelhead...

With everyone gassed up, it was time for some gas station chicken... (I bet Supah's tasted like gas!)
Yeah, that was pretty dumb. Thanks to everyone for being patient and thanks DQ for bringing me some go juice!

Yes, definitely gassy chicken.
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