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KTM problems

Originally Posted by hardwaregrrl View Post
Hey Rod, wondering what your plans were when the KTM kept acting up.? Sorry if I missed it but were you guys trying to get somewhere with a KTM dealer, or just hoping the problem would sort itself out? Did you bring a spare fuel pump and swap it in?

Again, loving each and every word!!!!!
Hi Hardwaregrrl -you really need to have a word with your parents.

Choosing my words carefully here: Don't want to give too much away yet.

KTM dealers in that part of the world are pretty rare and sadly of questionable ability. The distances between one dealer and another even if they carried the parts are enormous.
I'd brough spare filters, injector, plug and the usual bits and bobs but no pump.
It might not be the suggestion from KTM (Mathausen themselves) was it might be the clutch sensor, if it "thinks" there's something wrong it'll put the EMC module into "safe" mode -and kill the engine.
Why they've built it like this I don't know. The Lord gave me some excellent clutch sensors either side of my head and another on the end of my wrist..I didn't need a dodgy electronic one thanks. When I was told about this I almost self-combusted.

All will be revealed . Read on.

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